Year Two, The List

Over on Desperately Seeking Shelter last year I created a list of things I wanted to do in my second year as a home owner.  Tomorrow I’ll show you how things look now, a week into my third year, and show you the to-do list for Year Three!

The Plan for Year Two

This list will be much smaller than last year’s but no less exhausting, I’m sure!

The Entryway


  • reattach the baseboards around the door.  They need to be cut down to accommodate the trim around the front door.
  • repaint that bookcase?  I haven’t decided yet.I decided against it…and it’s no longer in the entryway…

The Living Room


  • NOTHING!Done!  It’s been a year of tweeking in here though so some changes have been made!


  • re-attach the baseboards around the hearth and on the fireplace wallI got the baseboards up on the wall but only partially around the hearth…
  • get a gas insert for the fireplace.  ONLY if it’s a good deal.  I’m doing fine without it and Henry sure likes his bed there!-  didn’t happen

The Kitchen


  • baseboardsit’s still mostly done.  I have some weird angles on one wall that I haven’t figured out how to do yet so it’s not totally done yet.
  • blind in the window?  I just can’t decideno blinds, I’m happy with the curtain

The Laundry Room


  • baseboards- no, and I’m not sure why; I was kind of on a roll there for a while!
  • finally fix those lights.  Cut the zip ties and make them the right heights-still no.  And I really hate them, time for some YouTube videos to teach me how to do it!
  • put in a screen doors (I’m in love with this one) on the side and back doors.  It would be nice to have them open without having Henry run free!-also no.  And again, no real reason why.
  • fix the floor.  It’s uneven and creaky.  I’m thinking the same floor tiles as I want in the bathroom-also no.  The laundry room needs some love this year!

The Hallway


The Hall Bath


  • finish putting up baseboardsYES!
  • take out the shower surround and add subway tile NO! 😦
  • take out the floor, level it (is that possible??) and install new tile Also no, I was feeling ambitious last year!

Guest Room


  • new curtains
  • patch all the holes in the wallsdone, although I don’t really remember when!
  • put up the new ceiling fan-I have it!  It’s just not up
  • install baseboards-again, weird angles but still needed!

Master Bedroom


  • I have big plans for that doorway into the closet.  But it’s a surprise.-Not done and now that my closet is clean and organized, not necessary
  • overhaul the master closet

Master Bath


  • all that needs to be done in here is patching holes

Front Yard


Back Yard


I love looking back on what my goals were and (sometimes) laughing about what I thought I could get done in 12 months (along with working and having a social life.  And naps.)  My list for my third year will hopefully be more reasonable and doable!  

Later today I’m writing my last post on DSS (I fixed my leaky toilet!) so head over there and check it out!



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