Year Three

Okay, so can we just pretend that when I said tomorrow on September 3 I really meant October 2?  Great, thanks!

I have no excuse other than life happened and kept me from photographing my house and blogging about it….until today!

Here’s the list of what I’d like to do in my house still-hopefully some of it will happen in Year Three!



This tiny little space has only one thing left to do:


The trim.  On the left is the trim my dad made around the front door and on the right isn’t.  There are three doorways in here and none of them match and I want them to.

Living Room


There are sconces on the wall opposite of the windows but they really don’t provide a whole lot of light so I need a real light fixture on the ceiling in here.  Seriously, I need a light in here ASAP!


I want this around the fireplace on the back wall and I want to do brick on the hearth and, of course, I still need a fireplace insert.  Oh and I want to refinish the floors to match the kitchen.  Other than that, this room is done!

The Kitchen


That mess in the middle is my new kitchen island!  When my dad got out of the hospital we cruised around Denver and found this store where I found that console table that will soon be an island.  I originally thought it was wood but it isn’t….it’s  a weird plastic that I don’t know how I’m going to paint.


See that awesome big picture?  It’s still my favorite but I’m going to need to find a new place for it because I’m going to put a doorway on that wall.  Crazy right?  That wall is shared with the guest room and there’s an awkward corner closet in there that I don’t need but I would really love a pantry for the kitchen!

While I’m hanging doors in here I want to add one in the doorway that leads to the laundry room.

Obviously, I still need to finish the baseboards in here too!

Laundry Room


In addition to adding a door to that doorway I want to redo the floor in here.  It’s nasty peel and stick tiles and I want this.  I think when I tear those tiles up I’ll find that the subfloor will need some attention.  It’s creaky and soft in some places and I think that means trouble so this should move to the top of the list!

My mom also suggested hanging some bead board on the ceiling and I’m in loooooovvvvveeee with that idea!


I also still need to resolve the light situation in here.  Why have I been living with zip ties for so long??



If all goes well this room is going to look totally different by the end of this year!  I want to replace the plain ceramic tiles with the wood look tiles I use in the laundry room and I want to use these on the shower surround.

Because it looks like this right now:


Gross right?  Awful.  Embarrassing.

I also want to replace the medicine cabinet and paint the vanity a fun color.


y310I have a huge to-do list for this tiny area…starting with those closet doors.  I hate them.  I also want to replace the doors to the guest room, master bedroom and bathroom.  They’re cheap hollow doors and one has a hole in it.  We found a great architectural salvage place in Denver that has great prices on old five panel doors that I want to use.

I also want to rip up the pergo that’s in here and the guest room.  The original subfloor in under there so I’ll probably have to do some refinishing to make it pretty again.

I also want to fix this


I want this wall to go all the way to the ceiling.  My brother thinks this will be an easy fix but he may just be saying that so I won’t ask him to help me do it.  (I might still!)

Guest Room


I really want to replace the light in here.  I’ve had a ceiling fan in my basement for two years that I intend to put in here.

Pergo, again, that needs to come up in here which I’d like to do before I put in baseboards.

Fixing the wall, again.

And, again


Making that closet into a pantry for the kitchen.

Master Bedroom and Bathroom


The first thing I want to do in here is change the light fixture.  I have an ineffective and dated ceiling fan in here now which I plan to replace with a pretty little chandelier that is gathering dust in my basement.

I also want to add a few more outlets and decorations and then I’ll be done!


See how far that vanity sticks into the doorway?  The bruises on my hip and thigh tell me that that’s not good.  So I want to replace it with this or this.  And that’s it!

I’m sure if I looked really hard I’d find 100s of other things I’d love to do in this house but I think this list will already give me plenty of work for this year!

I want to promise that tomorrow I’ll show you the outside of my house but let’s be honest, it probably won’t happen tomorrow.  I do promise that I will try to do better about posting more than once a month!



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