Day 1, Year 3

I had some requests for pictures comparing my house on day one vs the first days of year 3 so here you go!


The laundry room got a new custom book shelf to replace the wall by the stairs, new paint, a door to replace the window and some new storage over the washer and dryer.


Holy cow, remember that??  That bead board got taken down and then everything got patched and painted.  New cabinets were added around the stove, I put up new hardware, some of the baseboards and refinished the floors.


Oh man I love paint!  Remember how bad this was at one point?  No?  Let me remind you:


The living room is basically proof that miracles happen.  I remember spending an entire day stripping that wallpaper and then stepping back and thinking I should just burn the place down.  Seriously, it was bad.  (and I’m so glad I didn’t set any fires!)

Anyways, I painted, put up some baseboards, took out the extra door to the guest room and generally cleaned up!


The hall bathroom got painted (technically repainted, remember the blue??) and some bead board and baseboards, and a little picture ledge.


The guest room got some paint and lost that extra door.


My bedroom needs more attention!  All that happened in here was paint!  The closet though got a whole makeover last year!


Again, we stripped wallpaper and painted and switched out the medicine cabinet and that’s it!

I’m tired just thinking about how tired I was when we were doing all that work!



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