Year Three, Outside

Year Two was a great year for the outside of my house!

I built some raised beds, bought a lawn mower, planted a tree, actually grew grass, put up a fence to make my stairwell safer and grew a garden!

I should have another month or so to work outside but the majority of my to do list will have to get done in the spring and summer.


I’ve already begun weeding my front yard.  Some parts have been completely overtaken by puncturevines so I have been slowly weeding them out.  The bare patches are all places that were once filled with with those stabby little jerks.


Out front my plan is to continue to work on the lawn and keep on growing flowers.  I still need to fix the post that the shade cloth hangs from and I want to replace all the wood window trim with vinyl trim.  The lack of gutters on my house has taken its toll on the 100+ year old trim and all the pretty decorative accents have rotted away.  I’m thinking this across the tops of each window will closely match what the original trim looked like.  And it won’t rot away.


The black plastic on the tree lawn has been 99% effective in reducing the puncturevines but it looks terrible and on hot days there’s a strong plastic smell which is kind of gross.  I’m not willing to get rid of the plastic so my plan is to cover this area with those stones and fill in the cracks with sand or gravel.


In the driveway I’m putting up that carport.  Because last week I got this:


That’s right.  After 13 years and 190,000 miles, my Jeep has been retired and replaced with this pretty girl.  I want the carport to protect the paint and provide some shelter for me on rainy/snowy days.


Overall I’m pretty happy with my backyard.  The rug over the ladder is not permanent…it’s there for cleaning after Henry had an accident while I was at work one night.  It was gross.

My patio is usually a mess of miscellaneous gardening tools and pieces of wood so I need some better storage back here!


As you can see, I moved one of the raised planters but I’m waiting for the beans and nasturtiums to die back before I move the other one.  That pile of dead sunflowers is waiting for there to be room in my trash can.



The backyard is just a lot of clean up from the summer and throwing down some grass seed on the bare patches.


Hopefully the big outdoor project this year will be painting the house.  I’m keeping the aluminum siding but it needs to be patched in a few places.  I have no idea what color this blue is and while it’s pretty, I just can’t do any touch ups.  I thought I had color matched it but it’s not perfect so I need to paint the whole house.  I’m also planning on putting some fish scale trim up in the eaves and I’m having fun picking out some crazy colors for that.


Finally, there’s this shed.  My mom and I are planning on tackling this during the fall-it’s getting new siding, a new door and new windows.  It also needs to be finished on the inside.  It’s not pretty but I really need it for storing my lawn mower and organizing all my extra lumber.  Hopefully with more windows there will be more light in here and I can use it as a little greenhouse to get my plants started next spring.


I just hate that while the rest of my yard is getting prettier, this is looking dumpier.  My mom is confident that we can transform this in just a couple of days this month so stay tuned for that!



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