Outrunning the Weather

With snow in the forecast for this week and rain clouds looming this morning, I figured it was time to get my butt in gear and get some stuff done outside!


My goal was to get the last of my raised beds moved (see their history here and here) and mow the lawn.


And I did it!  Never mind that it looks like I have two graves in the backyard, I don’t.  At least that I know of.  I’ll put some grass seed down on those patches and I’m guessing by this time next year you won’t even know they were bare patches this year.



I have plans that will hide the gaps at the bottoms of the planters and I want to build more-one in the corner and more on each end.  It would be nice to have that done before snow starts falling but that might be a little too ambitious!


What I love most is how big my backyard feels!  Henry has so much room for activities now!



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