A month ago I bought a carport from Harbor Freight.  I knew it wouldn’t be perfect but I really wanted to protect my shiny new car because after 13 years exposed to the Colorado elements, my Jeep looked like this:


Some people have asked me why I went the carport route rather a garage and it’s simple: I really love pulling straight through the driveway to the alley rather than having to back out onto my busy street.


I read reviews for several assemble yourself carports and decided that I couldn’t beat the price so I bought this one.  It was on sale for $99 when I got it but really, at $159 I’d say it’s still a good deal.  My mom and dad came over on Saturday and we assembled it pretty quickly.  The time consuming part came when we were putting heavy duty stakes in the ground (more beefy than the ones it came with, thanks dad!)  My ground is HARD!  After a couple of hours we had it built and anchored down and ready for use.


It’s awesome!  No scraping ice off the windshield for me this year!


While I was out that afternoon I decided to take out the post for my shade cloth.


I’m still going to need it but now I’ll be forced to dig a deeper hole and straighten it out in the spring!


I also cut back my clematis.  I was sad to do it but there was a trellis and tons of fishing wire caught in it from last year so it had to be done.  I’m hoping that after this I’ll be able to just let it grow free!

Taking these pictures I realized that the side of my house is looking kinda rough so I’m hoping to tackle that tomorrow!

And Wednesday?  Well you won’t want to miss the project I have planned!



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