Shed Clean Up, Day 1

At some point in my house’s history somebody built a shed in the backyard.  I know it was here when the little old man lived here because his daughter told me a story of him standing on it to pick apples from the tree.  I also know that the last owners of my house used it as a chicken coop and they put in a light and an extension cord so power could be run from the house so the little chickies could stay warm.


While Henry would love it if I got some chickens, I have no desire to.  It seemed like a shame to tear this down (unlike those other sheds.)  My plan was to be able to use this shed for storing my lawn mower and other outdoor items (shade cloth, pots, hoses etc) and for starting my plants in the spring.

One problem.  No, millions of problems.  Spiders.


Can you see why I’ve put this project off for a year??


My mom offered to help and suggested that we wait until it got colder so the spiders would either be dead or slow.  I’m glad we waited because we certainly saw some big ones but, she was right, it was so cold that they didn’t move very fast!


Inside the shed?  The footboard from the bed in the guest room, old bead board, the window we took out of the laundry room…you know, important stuff!


My mom swept down the first layer of cobwebs and we started to haul stuff out.  Once that was done I took out the light fixture, outlet and switch and we were ready to get going.


I knew I wanted to keep the insulation in the shed but I could not think of an inexpensive way to cover it.  Sure I could have done drywall but I wasn’t interested in how time consuming that would be so I went to Lowe’s one day and wandered the aisles.  After an hour I left with a whole bunch of these boards.  You’ll see in a minute.


Here it is, a blank slate before picture.  Check out that pergo floor, oh la la!

After a final sweep out I started putting up boards:


Cut, put it up, cut, put it up, cut, put it up

Until the battery on my drill died.  : (

So at the end of the first day I had this


I had originally planned to concentrate my time on the space above the drywall.  I thought if I got the insulation covered it would make me feel like I had been really productive.  However, I found it was easier to cut a board to fit a spot and then put up the other piece somewhere else to avoid having my cut lines line up.

I know I’m going to need to buy more boards and I think I’m going to caulk each of those cracks.  Yeah, I’ll be there for a while but I really want to keep the spiders out!

Still to do in here:

  • finish putting up boards
  • put the bead board up on the ceiling
  • install two new windows
  • trim around ceiling, floor, windows and door
  • caulk
  • paint?

So far I’ve spent $60 but I’m sure it’ll be a $100 project by the time I’ve gotten all the boards and caulk-and that’s just the inside!



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