Use it up Challenge

First of all, I know.  And I’m sorry!

Here are my explanations excuses for why it has been almost one month since I’ve written a post:

  1.  my work schedule sucks.  Seriously, I’m always tired and feel like it’s enough of an accomplishment to feed myself and (mostly) keep my house clean.
  2. Christmas.  I had a party last week so I spent a lot of my free time getting my house ready for Christmas.  I’ll prove it to you soon.
  3. An overwhelming to do list.  I feel like I want to do one million things and then it seems like I don’t have the time to do anything well so I just don’t do anything.  Makes sense to me!

Feeling like I had lost my blog mojo I messaged my cousins (the awesome couple behind Hayes Amaze) and asked them if they wanted to do a little challenge with me.

Because they’re nice, they agreed.

And the winter edition of the Use it Up Challenge was born!


So from December 5 to January 5th we are both going to work on projects to use up something.  For me that could be my growing scrap wood pile or the bags of yarn I have stashed throughout the house.  I’m not sure yet and I also don’t know what they’re making-I can’t wait to see!

I’m excited  to get back into some projects and try to regain some order around here!



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