December Blizzard

It snowed.  I know, I know, I live in Colorado but you don’t understand.  Last  year’s winter was sad.  So sad that I when I looked through my old posts on DSS I only saw a few pictures from last December that had snow that mostly covered the ground.

Not this year though.  I shoveled the sidewalk twice yesterday (and could have done more if I didn’t have to go to work!)

I haven’t measured how much snow I’ve gotten but I can tell you that I’m running out of places to shovel it to.


These two views of my tree lawn give a good picture of how much snow I’ve moved in the last 24 hours-the stumps are now covered and the snowline is quickly creeping to the tops of those planters!

In the back yard my planters on my patio are also filling up


Let me tell you, it really sucks having to throw this super heavy and wet snow up and over those planters…I better have some buff arms by the time this winter is over!


But as much as I don’t like to be cold and wet, I am loving how quiet and peaceful everything is when it snows!


And I really love how it comes off my roof in sheets that curl before finally falling


Man I love that tin roof!


And the trees!


And finally, this


(never mind the dead flowers…)

It’s supposed to snow off and on today and tomorrow so I’m going to take that opportunity to work on the projects I have planned for my little challenge with Hayes Amaze





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