2015 To Do List

I know 2015 isn’t quite over yet but I’m too excited to wait to get started on 2016!

You may remember that I made this chalkboard early in the year to keep track of what I wanted to do this year.  Let’s see how I did!

to do1

Shelves in the kitchen did get done back in February but they have since come down.  It’s funny how sure you are that you’ll love something unil you actually do it!


Plant garden and it was a success!


Compost was marked off the list but so far it has not been a success.  I’ll check it again in the spring to see if that has changed but as of now it’s a failure!

The window box got done   and I put a table under it!


Repainting the bathroom got done in March


The stump got ground out a new Aspen tree added in the front yard


Lilacs did get planted…fingers crossed that they come back this year!


and I did get around to adding a second clematis


While I didn’t get the whole house done, baseboards are done in the bathroom and the hallway  and mostly done in the living room and kitchen.


The tree lawn got more plastic


and the front stairs were made a little safer


While there was still a lot left to do from 2015’s list I’m pretty happy with everything that did get done!

Now on to 2016!


PS-don’t forget, my little challenge with Hayes Amaze is ending soon!  I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on!








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