2016 Staycation, Days 1-4

Every year for my birthday I take off a week from work to get projects done around my house.

This year I spent the beginning of the week in Denver visiting family and friends and thrift stores and IKEA (duh!)

Let me show you what I picked up:


Yeah, that sucked to bring in the house!

I went to my first Gordman’s where I picked up some new jeans and a few little home decor items.  It was also there that I found the best treasure:


Oh yes, that’s a German shepherd dog mask.  I screamed across aisles for my friend to come and see it and take my picture.  It was amazing.  No, I didn’t buy it, it cost more than the jeans I bought and that would be ridiculous!

My thrifting scores:


Two mirrors ($2.99 and $3.99) a cute little hook ($1.99), some vases ($.99 each,) a new little silver tray for my kitchen wall ($.99) and new oil and vinegar bottles ($2.25 each.)


A 5ft long picture ledge ($2.00) and a little table top ($3.24.)


and this NEW! Smith and Hawken mail center ($9.99.)

Plus lots of clothes!  Man I love big city thrift stores!

Next I hit up IKEA.  You may remember that I had planned on redoing my master bathroom this week but when I went and checked out the cabinet I had planned on using (this one) I was unimpressed by the amount of storage.  There were two shelves that were only two inches wide-not even big enough to hold a roll of toilet paper!  So, I’m back at square one with my bathroom which is frustrating!

What I did take home:


The white table top and black legs and the wire shelving will go in my basement and the two metal shelves are for my shed.  I got a new soap dispenser, some whisks, three wooden boxes and two brackets for my kitchen island and a new doormat.

I also picked up the rest of the wood I need for my shed and a pegboard for the basement.

So, with four more days left of my vacation I plan to replace the light fixtures in the living room, kitchen and my bedroom, create a functional work space in the basement and finish my shed!



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