Vacation Wrap-Up

Number of light fixtures replaced: 2

A slight upgrade in the master bedroom, no?

It’s a good thing I love the new fan in the living room because it took me two days to finish!  First my dad had to come over and help me get the old one down and then I had to rig a way to attach the blades because the rubber stopper set up Harbor Breeze used on this fan is stupid.

I have a fan that matches the new one in the living room still to put up in the kitchen and I have some touch up to do on the ceiling in the living room.  It never ends.

Number of projects finished: 1


Basement work space for the win!

Number of projects 3/4 of the way done: 2


The kitchen island is partially painted with primer and the top isn’t even started yet.


I blame Prudie.


And this shed.  Seriously!  That section of wall is all that’s left and I couldn’t freaking finish it because the batteries for my drill and saw died and I had to recharge them and then the next day we had crazy strong winds and I didn’t want to work outside.

So, while I really hate having to go back to work with my house still in disarray and only 1/4 of the projects I had planned actually finished, it’s life.  Now I’ll have to make some time to work on them after work and on my days off this week and maybe, maybe I can check another thing off my list!



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