A Mostly Finished Shed

To fully understand my excitement about this shed, you first need to see it from the beginning:


Oh it was bad!

But now?  Now it’s nice(r):


See what I mean?  $100 in boards and paint and lots of splinters and cussing got me here!

I spent another $25 on a plastic bin, hooks, and the brackets for holding long pieces of lumber and two of these shelves.

And now I have a place to store all my outdoor stuff!


I used the top from the console table turned vanity and a cedar post to make the table and I hung my driftwood sign above it.


Smaller pieces of wood, my gas can and flower pots fit nicely on these shelves (with room to spare!)  The plastic bin has my shade cloth in it.

The walls are Behr’s Shimmering Pool.  I painted (even though my mom thought it was crazy) because it really needed to be lighter in here!  All the wood was making it feel kind of cave like and just  one, light coat on the walls really made it feel brighter!


I still want to put a second window in and paint the outside, but for now, I have been able to reclaim my laundry room and regain some order in my back yard!



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