Raised Flower Beds

You may remember that my plan for this summer is to make my house look better from the outside.  Repainting the house will hopefully come later this summer but I’m trying to do some smaller projects in the meantime to start prettying the place up!

I have one big clematis vine to the left of my door


and last year I planted another one on the other side of the door.

I had always pictured more defined beds for these and since I was have been on a raised planter kick lately, I decided to whip up two more.

This project starts here:


(never mind the random debris on the patio!)

See how the “beds” for the clematises was really just patches on either side of the steps?  Not cute.

On Thursday I built a box…and ran out of wood before I could make the second one so by the end of the day yesterday it looked like this:


Better, right??

I built a basic bottomless box and painted the inside shimmering pool and the outside a flat white.  Right now the inside aqua color blends in with the light blue house but I’m hoping once I go grey it’ll pop.

Today I picked up the boards to finish the other side and now I have this:


Better, right?  The bricks were an experiment.  I live on a really steep hill and to level the planters I had to prop stuff up under the edges and I was hoping the bricks would make it look more finished.  I don’t love it and I’m still searching for a solution for that.

The clematises are planted in the back of each box with some irises planted in front.  I’m also going to plant some nasturtiums-my vision is purple flowers growing up the trellises and orange and yellow nasturtiums filling in the front of the box and spilling over the sides.


Nasturtiums were by far the best thing I grew last year and it was a shame they were in the backyard for nobody else to see!  Not this year!


Won’t that be pretty??  I’m so excited for the clematises to get growing and the grass to come in and green up.  I’m one step closer to cleaning this baby up!

I have a plan for the shade cloth support this year and I can’t wait to fill those pots and that window box with more flowers!

And, of course, I need to take down the Christmas lights (slacker!) and get started picking paint colors!






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