Wattle Fence, Day 1

As you may remember, the goal for this summer is to spruce up the outside of my house.  I started with some flower beds by my front door and now I’m tackling the space around the pine tree.


I know that things don’t really like to grow under pine trees (except hostas which will be coming soon!) so I’ve been Googling and Pinteresting for ideas to make a border around the tree to make that edge a little nicer.

And I found wattle fences.

from here

A wattle border seems like a good idea because A) I can curve it around the tree and B) I have tons of branches from my apple tree hanging around here!

Today I started with cutting the larger branches into stakes and sorting out the smaller, bendier branches.


I also put a hose out to mark the line I wanted around the tree.


Then I pounded in the stakes!  I have more to add but I’m feeling good about this progress for the first day!


I’m also soaking some of the firmer branches hoping they’ll soften up some more and make them easier to work with.

I don’t have nearly enough branches so I’m raiding my mom’s pile and sending out a desperate plea for anyone in my area who has some branches sitting around to donate them to me!

Tomorrow I plan to get the rest of the stakes in and start weaving in the branches and after that I’ll need to fill it with dirt and plant those hostas!



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