What I’ve Been Up To

I’ve been semi-productive in the couple of weeks since summer started.  I promise full posts eventually but here are some befores from the stuff I’ve been working on:


I’m pretty sure winter happened suddenly last year.  I don’t really remember, but the way everything was just dumped here makes me think I meant to put it away but ran out of time.

So, for obvious reasons, cleaning the back patio was one of the first projects I tackled when it started getting nice.


My side yard has been frustrating me for years.  It’s weeds and trash and completely visible from the street.  It had to be cleaned up pronto!


Those are mostly elm trees growing up dangerously close to my foundation.  They had to go!

house colors

Finally, I’ve been obsessively pinning paint ideas trying to come up with a combination I love for the outside.  I need to buy samples of these (Behr) paints to see how I like them outside…with my luck I’ll hate them all and be back at square one!

In addition to all of that I ran my first 5K on Friday, the Neon Vibe, which was a lot of fun!



Then, 12 hours later I did my second 5K which was not nearly as much fun (no DJ, black lights or glow in the dark powder!)  I also somehow broke my phone during that run and am anxiously awaiting a replacement.

Until then I have a phone that would have been rad 10 years ago…

but today only allows me to call and text…

I’d promise to be back soon with full posts about the projects I’ve been working on but, odds are, it’ll be a week before I get to it!




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