Sometimes Plans Completely Change

Do you remember, oh, way back in JANUARY when I was debating about paint colors for the outside of my house?  No?  Catch up here.

And when I finally decided on a color scheme that I liked?

No?  It was this:

house colors

Those are all Behr colors so I went to Home Depot on Saturday with the intention of getting samples of those colors.  Just those.  And then I couldn’t find the chips for those paints which lead me to looking at other chips which lead me to:


Eight samples and one paint clerk who probably went home and told stories to her family about the ridiculous girl who bought EIGHT samples of paint.

But, man I’m glad I did!

As soon as I got home I pulled out some scraps of cedar boards I had around and painted up some big swatches.


Since I’m planning on some decorative trim I wanted to be able to move the boards around so I could see how I liked different colors next to each other.  They were also much easier to cart around to different sides of my house (and hold up against the wood fence and the brick chimney) than a big piece of plywood would have been.


Since I knew I could very easily get confused about which paint was which I labeled the back of each board.

I have my moments.

I thought for sure I’d paint the house Philosophical Grey (Glidden) but when I posted a picture on Instagram (@awize) my friend said it looked more lavender than grey so I decided to just paint a square up on the house.


I liked it.  It was a good grey.  The current blue is so light that it doesn’t really read as a color so it was important to me that I use a grey that was actually noticeable.  This fit the bill.

Then I took my sample board of Philosophical Grey to my parent’s house and my dad said:

“Why don’t you just paint the whole house teal.”

And changed everything.

Of course I ran home and painted up some more swatches


On the left is Dark Teal Woods (Glidden) and on the right is Sophisticated Teal (Behr.)

It was really a no brainer once I held this one up against the bricks


(this lighting makes it look more blue than it is.  The picture above this one shows the color better.)

So then I sent a plea out on Facebook because A)I had ALWAYS planned on painting my house grey.  Even before I bought it! and B) I live in a tiny town…a teal house is going to stand out!

but C) I don’t care!


So I need to go back to Home Depot to get a different yellow but I am loving the Seaglass (3rd from left) and Wintergreen Dream (4th) for the starburst trim in the eave above my front door.

I’ve decided that I’m going to limit the decorative trim to just above the door and paint the other eaves the same color as the house.  I was stressing about how to calculate how much of the fish scale trim I was going to need (and how much it was going to cost!) and deciding not to do it is really freeing!

I won’t be painting for another 6 weeks or so.  I still need to patch the aluminum siding and replace some corner pieces.  Also, it’s ridiculously hot here right now and waiting until September will get me more useable outside hours-which is important because I only have a week off from work to get it done!



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