Painting: Day 1

Home Depot had a Labor Day sale on their paint so I figured I’d go pick up what I needed to paint my house next week.

Except, once I had 5 gallons of paint in my laundry room I couldn’t resist painting something!

Most of my house is aluminum siding but a couple of sections are cement board (I think??) which required much less prep!

But first, let me show you what this area looked like when I bought my house 3 years ago:


Those sheds were awful!  At the very back, to the right of that fence, you can see a corner of aluminum siding, right?  To the right of that is the side door and this area is now my driveway.  Nobody ever bothered to put siding up on the house in the space that was covered by the sheds so when we tore them down we had to replace it…which is why it is not aluminum like the rest of the house.

Anyway, back to now:


For some reason we left two posts in the ground.  I don’t know why and I never used them for anything so I figured I’d try out a new tool (Christmas present from my parents) and cut those babies out.  Also, yes, those are dead bugs all over the walls.  I just got off a shift where I worked nights and graveyards so the lights stayed on for hours and attracted all these pests.


I know, gross.  Sorry.


So yesterday I cut out the posts and sprayed everything down with the hose.  I also went through and filled any holes or weird spots.  Once the filler was dry I primed over it because I was afraid of getting some flashing from the spackle.  Once THAT was dry I started painting:


I went with Behr Marquee paint in Sophisticated Teal.  I’m getting a $60 rebate back on the paint so I felt like it was worth it to splurge for the most expensive stuff.  I hope I don’t regret that!  The commercials tell me that this is one coat coverage but I haven’t been that lucky.  I’m hoping it’s because this siding is so absorbent and that it’ll glide right onto the aluminum sections but I’ve had to do two coats on this wall.  (The picture above is just one coat.)

Obviously I have a lot of repair to do to the aluminum…I’m not looking forward to that!


The right side (obscured by the reflections from my windows) has had two coats and it’s perfect!  I have to scrape and sand the trim around the door and it’ll get a fresh coat of white (hopefully a higher quality paint will last longer!)  I also took the paint to about 1/4 of an inch from the sides since I’m going to caulk around the trim and it’ll cover the gap.  In theory, right?!

I still have a lot of house to do but this section went pretty quickly!  I’m going to spend the next few days after work becoming an expert in Bondo and filling all the holes in the aluminum siding.  I also need to get some corner pieces and wash the whole house down with a special cleaner.

I’m hoping a week is enough time to get all of this done!




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