Painting Days 2 & 3

I really thought that 9 days would be plenty to get my house painted.  Right now, I’m worried.

Painting takes no times at all but the scraping, hole filling and washing takes f o r e v e r.

While I was painting the section by my driveway I noticed that the lights didn’t match!

Okay, not a huge difference but they weren’t cute anyways, so why not replace them??


The new lights aren’t anything special but they match the light over my front door (and they were less than $12 a piece at Lowe’s.)  Since this picture was taken I have painted the trim but still haven’t caulked so I can’t officially call this section done yet.  😦

I really want to get everything painted this week since I think I’ll be able to find the time to do the caulking (if necessary) when I go back to work.

I decided to move around to the back of my house as I continued painting:


The first order of business was to replace the pieces of siding by the door with the chipped corners.  Luckily I had extra pieces and cutting them was fairly easy so that job took all of 10 minutes.  More time consuming though, was filling all the holes in the aluminum siding with Bondo.  I’m not sure what past owners were doing back here but there were a lot of holes!  I had to first sand down to bare aluminum around each hole, fill it with the Bondo, let that dry and then sand it smooth.  That took a day just by itself!

The section in the white trim is more cement board siding whereas everything around it is aluminum.  The cement board is super easy, no prep, just paint.  The aluminum has to be washed with TSP (in my case, twice) to remove the chalky residue.  Reading about it made me nervous so I geared up in all the safety gear I own and washed everything down with a mop.


Painting the aluminum is not fun.  My goal was to get one coat on this whole side of the house today but I had to wait for it to dry out…twice and then clouds started looming and I was sure it was going to rain (it didn’t.)  Plus painting around the breaker box is a pain in the ass.  I’m going to paint it teal so it will blend in with the house but all the pipes and cords around it are really time consuming!


My alarm is set for early tomorrow morning because I’m finishing this side of the house tomorrow, dammit!



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