Painting: Days 4&5

Oh man.  I’m in trouble.  I have yet to paint an entire side of my house and I’m freaking out!  I have four full days left which means I need to finish one side a day.  Yikes!


At the end of day 3 I was sure I’d get this side of the house done on day 4.  I ended up spending all of that day on this:


Painting all of those pipes and cords took hours.  I had to use a tiny little art brush to get into all the nooks and crannies.  It was worth it because it looks much better but I’m sad that I lost a whole day of painting!


I did climb up on the roof of my closet to wash the eave on day 4.  I had plans to paint it on that day too but then the thunder and lightning started and I didn’t think it was a good idea to be on a metal roof once the rain started coming down.  Henry agreed that it wasn’t safe!


Yesterday I got rained out of painting so I checked the weather for today to see what I should expect.  The forecast said rain in the morning and I thought things were finally going my way.  I had an interview at 9AM which is around when the rain started.  The sky still looked ominous when I got out of the interview so I met a friend for lunch.  For a minute it looked like it would be dry for a couple of hours so I tried to finish this tiny wall of my closet.  Ha!  I got all the edges done along with the very top board and several on the bottom before I started feeling raindrops.  I’m four measly boards short of having this wall finished.  So frustrating!


So, tomorrow I NEED to get the closet finished and this side.  I’m so looking forward to these long stretches that I can just roll out.  That cutting in takes a lot of time!

The good news is I finished washing the whole house yesterday (in a light drizzle) so once I get a day of sunshine I should be able to knock this out quickly!



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