Painting Vacation

Spoiler, I didn’t finish.  Not even close.  BUT, if I get one section done a day I can be done in 11 days.  And I haven’t done any sections today.  Sigh.


First, I made an amazing mess out of my back patio.  It’s bad and I need to tackle it ASAP but it’s not happening today.


Then I finished painting the closet (blotchiness is due to varying degrees of wet paint) and decided to hold off on the eave above it.  I figured I should wait to climb ladders until I had someone here to spot me.  And hand me stuff.  Climbing is scary enough without trying to balance a paint tray, roller and brush while you’re doing it.


I did move around to the side but got overwhelmed and stopped.  For reference, I’m counting each space between windows as its own section since that loonnnnggg wall could never be done in one afternoon.


Saturday I decided to paint this section around my door.  I thought it would make me feel accomplished to drive up and see it each day when I got home.  It worked.  I love it so much and I’m sososo happy with how the yellow shows through the storm door.  (I was worried you wouldn’t be able to see it very well.)


Finally I started to put a few things back together.  I put this bell that my mom made me back up


and I simplified and rehung the lights around my patio.

One day of stuck in bed, 100º fever, shivering under the blankets sick wore me out for the rest of the week.  That combined with two days of rain and daily popping of ibuprofen to ease my sore back sunk this project.  Sure all is not lost but I am disappointed that I have so much left to do.

Anyone want to come over for an afternoon and drink wine and work on a section with me??



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