2017 Whole House To Do List

See my very first whole house to do list here!

While I’m really happy with all the work I’ve (we’ve) gotten done in my house, there are still a few big projects I want to do before I’ll feel like my house is done.



  • all that’s left is to update the trip around the door into the living room and around the closet


Living Room:

  • refinish the floors to match the kitchen
  • install a gas insert
  • replace the thermostat
  • add blinds

(also, how cute are Henry and Prudie??)



  • hang ceiling fan.  Fun fact, I haven’t had an overhead light in here since February of last year.  I’ve tried to install one (and several other lights) but something must be wrong with the wiring because no fixture I put up works.  I have an electrician coming this week to hopefully fix this problem!
  • install a light over the sink
  • turn guest room closet into a pantry


Laundry Room:

  • shorten light fixtures (and change that burned out bulb)
  • replace floor.  I’m thinking something like this
  • install a door between kitchen and laundry



  • take that dang wall all the way to the ceiling!
  • replace the doors to the bathroom, master bedroom and guest room


Hall Bathroom:

  • new floor, to match whatever I do in the laundry room
  • new tile in shower surround (like this)
  • new vanity and medicine cabinet


Guest Room:

  • new headboard
  • finish the wall (see hallway) so it goes to the ceiling
  • remove second closet (behind white door in first picture) and make it a pantry for the kitchen
  • see what’s under the pergo floors


Master Bedroom:

  • repaint


this is Valsapar’s Handspun Yarn.  I love it on the closet wall (middle) but it looks purple in the bathroom (left) and white in the bedroom.  I think repainting will involve priming and repainting everything.

  • decorate, basically I want to stop ignoring this room and to finally make it a pretty, organized space!


Master Closet

  • repaint
  • look for carpet remnant for the floor


Master Bathroom:

  • repaint
  • new vanity
  • better organization

This could be a busy year!



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