Pine Tree Flower Bed

I spent weeks months last year painting my house in an effort to up the curb appeal.  While I was thrilled with how my house looked, I hated how beat up the space under my pine tree looked.


I knew grass would never grow under the tree so I went to Google.  Google told me that hostas love it under pine trees as do columbines.


I found the two packages on the left at Wal-Mart and the blue ones at Tuesday Morning.  Then I bought these to hopefully fill in the empty spots.

The problem with planting around this tree is the roots are pretty close to the surface.  I was nervous to dig and disturb them so I had to figure out how to build up some dirt.


Last week I went to Wal-Mart and bought a bunch of these retaining wall bricks.  I loaded them into my car and then unloaded them in my driveway.  Then I started to build the wall.  The ground is really unlevel and again, I couldn’t dig a trench to put these in properly.  So, they got loaded back into my car, driven to Wal-Mart, loaded into a shopping cart and returned.  That was a lot of work!

While I love learning new things, I really wanted this project to be done so I stuck with what I knew and built a box out of wood.


Then I scavenged all the flagstone I had around my house (more lifting!) and built a rough square around the box.


I didn’t have enough stones to do a whole second layer but I think it’ll be okay.  I just needed it to be high enough to hold up a layer of potting soil.


Then I planted the hostas I have, leaving room for the others to get her in mid-April.


I’m so happy!  You can still kind of see how unlevel that wooden box is but it’s the best I can do.  I just need these hostas to fill it in and they will hide the box completely….in a couple of years.

Now I need to fill in the dirt spots in the yard with more grass seed and tackle a big project on my tree lawn!



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