Spring 2017

It’s already starting to feel like summer where I live which is exciting but also scary.  80° days in April makes me nervous for our usual hot months of July and August.  I’ve already been consistently watering the lawn and my grass already shows signs of stress if I skip more than one day between waterings.

BUT, spring means I finally get to see if everything I’ve planted and slaved over in the last three years is still alive and, spoiler alert, they are!

My apple tree blossoming is hands down my favorite part of spring.  Since I switched jobs I don’t get to spend any quality time in my yard until the weekends but thankfully I was able to catch some glimpses of my pretty tree for a few minutes each day at lunch.


If my tree is on a three year cycle, this year should be a bumper crop of apples!

Last fall I cut my cleamatises way back to protect them during house painting.  While I tried to be careful, I was really worried that some of the chemical I used to clean the house in my painting prep may have found it’s way to the roots and killed them.  Good new, it didn’t!

The new clematis (on the right) has gone crazy and one shoot has already almost made it to the trellis with more little ones popping up all the time.  My goal is to not cut these back again so I meticulously trained each shoot of the old clematis up a string so it would be evenly spread across the trellis.  And then, wind.  And before I could sort it out and retrain them, their strong little grabbers had already taken hold so now I have a big jumbled mess of clematis that I hope won’t look too bad!

Two years ago I planted a lilac bush and a lilac twig.  Obviously the bush has gotten big (and is ready to flower!) and the twig, while hanging in there, is just not catching up.

I’m debating about digging up the twig in the fall and moving it to another spot and putting in a larger bush in its place so I have a little more symmetry out front.

I planted this aspen tree two years ago and it’s still going strong!  I even have three little shoots coming up so hopefully they’ll all live and I’ll finally have some shade over here…in 10 years…. For now I’m just happy it survived another winter!

My peonies are still alive too!  I really thought that peonies were delicate so every fall I’ve cut them down and covered them with mulch to keep them alive through the winter.  Turns out, they’re tougher than I had thought and I shouldn’t have been cutting them back.  They look okay right now but if I had left them alone, they’d be bushes by now instead of just a few shoots coming up from the ground.  Now that I know this I can save myself some time in the fall and look forward to more flowers next year!


Finally, last year I bought these tulip bulbs to plant in some flower pots we had at work.  Then I quit that job and never did it and I’m SO HAPPY!  Now I have perfectly coordinated tulips by my back door and they’re my favorite thing.  I’m going to be really sad when they fade!

In addition to all of that, I have some seeds started inside, new hostas around the pine tree and two raspberry plants are due to arrive any day now!  Plus I’ve been working on a project on my tree lawn that’s going to be really exciting so stay tuned!


To see how this spring compares to last spring check out last year’s post here and 2015 here.



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