2016 To Do List

I’m a big fan of to do lists.  I made one and even got some of it done last year.

This year I organized it a little differently:


This year I decided to group projects by how much I think they’re going to cost.  We’ll see if that helps me get more things done!

I also added my biggest goal of the year-to finish ONE THING.  No rooms are done and I have a million projects I’ve started but haven’t actually completed.  For one of those, this is the year!

I had some time yesterday afternoon so I tackled something that has been irritating me:


The foam tape I used to hang these platters has been slowly failing.  There’s nothing more exciting than having one of these come crashing down in the middle of the night.  It’s loud and riles up the dog.  Not fun.

As they’ve fallen I’ve just stacked them in a corner until I A) had a better way to hang them and B) had the time/motivation to actually do it.


Wandering around Wal-Mart one day I found these picture hangers.  You’re supposed to be able to moisten them and stick them onto whatever you’re trying to hang.  Spoiler, it doesn’t stick to metal.  So I pulled out my E6000 and glued these suckers on.  And then they sat on the corner of my kitchen counter for a month.

Finally, yesterday I got around to hanging these up.


I just put a little paint on the hole on the hanger, pressed it against the wall and then hammered in a nail on the paint spot.  Perfect.  I’m not calling this project done yet though because I still want some more smaller pieces to fill in the empty spots.  Sigh.


Since I still have some bigger pieces I put them on the buffet my dad built for me.  I love it!

Since we’re in the kitchen, let me show you the plans for one of the projects for this year.


That wall up there is the back wall of the second closet in the guest room.  I want it to be a pantry for the kitchen.


(yes, I started patching holes in here but never got around to doing the touch up painting…)

I don’t need this closet in the guest room.  Right now it’s just got random stuff in it


that I’m sure I can move/sell/throw away.

So my plan is to put in a door on the kitchen side (like this) and move around the shelves to make a usable pantry.  Obviously the doorway on the guest room side would be closed up.

I know it’s not going to be easy (nothing in this house ever is) but I think it’ll be worth it!

I took some time off in February and I hope to tackle some smaller projects during that week (I’m looking at you master bathroom vanity!)








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